Ceylon BOP

Ceylon BOP (Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe) is a high-quality black tea hailing from the beautiful tea plantations of Sri Lanka. This tea is crafted by carefully selecting and processing the finest tea leaves, including broken leaves and some tips, resulting in a blend that offers a full-bodied, robust flavor with a distinct character. Ceylon BOP is favored for its versatility and makes for a perfect cup of tea any time of day.

Key Features:

  • Rich Flavor Profile: Ceylon BOP tea is celebrated for its bold and brisk flavor with well-defined maltiness. It has a slightly astringent quality that gives it a refreshing and lively character.
  • Fragrance: The aroma of Ceylon BOP is often described as bright and invigorating, with a hint of citrus and sometimes floral notes, making it an appealing choice for those who appreciate a pleasing scent in their tea.
  • Versatile: Ceylon BOP tea can be enjoyed on its own, with a splash of milk, or a slice of lemon. It’s versatile and complements a variety of flavor preferences.
  • Consistent Quality: Tea estates in Sri Lanka adhere to strict standards for tea production, ensuring that Ceylon BOP consistently maintains its quality and flavor.

Ceylon BOP tea is a beloved choice for tea drinkers who appreciate a classic, robust, and well-balanced black tea. Its rich and lively flavor, along with its adaptability in terms of preparation, makes it a go-to selection for tea enthusiasts seeking a flavorful and satisfying tea-drinking experience.